Being on the same planet, but each lives in its own world; which is connected through words


About Me

Pseudonym:- Prakshi al-Shaeirah

To be the one, who you can't be is what time makes us. So,I became poetry enthusiast.

As a teenager I was enamoured of literature at an early age. This affection helped me to discover, how mighty words are. Soon , this attachment turned out to be my passion . I learned how a syntax can evoke emotions.

If learning needs equanimity then manifesting that knowledge needs manipulation. Literature is something which has taught me the art.

Probably the greatest thing life ever bestowed upon me , is itself. And the best opportunity I ever had is to explore it.

This  rhythmic voyage of my life has just begun. I wish to share all my astound experiences and ideas with you.

Till then stay tuned ! 

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