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Beauty of Trust is Hope

We made through an important year recently and man let's pat ourselves for it. As an ending year of the decade, 2020 was a terrible piece of time. It was a mirror to all our actions. It was a reflection that showed us those things which we ignored that they exist. Now this new year 2021, is marking a new beginning, a commencement of a new age. So, I wish we can all try to work on what needs to be done and be more happy and feel more in life. Hope is something that ignites us to go through the toughest of times in life. So, today celebrating a time of new opportunities with this piece.

I hope these words sing to you and prompt you to be your best by being better every time, let's hope this year marks more important to ourselves. Cuz it is really a time to trust in oneself. Enjoy reading!

winter morning has portrayed here a scene to which the poet shapes and resonates in her words :)


Winter morning gives me some hope

In the mist around

I see my thoughts suspending

I can’t fathom, what this utter confusion is about

Suddenly the sun rays

Piercing the thoughts

Give way to hope in me

I then listen

The music of rustling leaves

With silent chores

This winter morning gives me some hope

__Prakshi Kumari

Belated Happy New Year People!!!

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