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Best Poems of Hindi Poets

Sahitya realm is contented with some of the finest poetry works. The regime of poets , poetesses in hindi literature has a different significance. Every style of writing , every different perspective makes an attempt to give soul to words. Here are some top poems by great hindi poets. Enjoy reading !

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'Krishna ki chetavani' is an astound poetry work by Indian poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. This poem is based on great epic fame 'Mahabharata'. It explains the context when lord Krishna warns Duryodhana for his unrighteousness.


'Ankho ko Visa nhi Lagta' is a tribute to Mehdi Hasan by Gulzar Sahab. A poem with evoking intention explains the relation of India to its neighbor country Pakistan. There can be love concealed in any sort of hatred , this is the motive of this poem.


Agneepath is a provoking poetry work by 'Madhushala' writer Harivansh Rai Bachhan. The term 'Agneepath' is made up of two hindi words. 'Agni' meaning fire and 'path' meaning the path or way. The poem signifies that life is a path of struggle ,sacrifice rather like the path of fire.


'Kal aur Aaj' by the people's poet Nagarjun interprets the flow and nature of time. Also, how it sways other things in our niche. It gives us an understanding of arbitrary and equity of temporal change. A lesson to heart in a nutshell.

Feelings can be portrayed in verses beautifully , share which is your favorite poem in the comments below !

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